Saturday, June 19, 2010

EHBBO Zermatt - Day 2

Today we started with a theoretical introduction of General Helicopter Guidelines.
What do you have to do and more important what not to do when an helicopter approches you.
After some "dry" practice in the helicopter in the hangar it was time to get to the real work... outside and on rough terrein.
That was a great experience. I had allready experienced a rescue situation with helicopter in 2004 with other 80 people on the Mont Blanc.
It started also to rain a little bit and normally that's not a problem but on slippery rocks it can be a very stresfull situation.

We returned to base and after the lunch and a lots of interesting video's of rescue situations the weather was good enough to effectuate the MERS, the Multi Evacuation Rescue System.
Hanging on a cable with other 4 people under an helicopter almost 150 meters high and with an amazing speed, will give you lots of adrenaline!

It was a great and learning day... but it's not finished yet because at 20.00 o'clock we have a night rescue module.

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