Monday, June 21, 2010

EHBBO Zermatt - Day 2 night

At 20.00 we received an emergency call from the Rescue Service Zermatt. A man was lost on his way to Tisch. He was seen at Zermatt for the last time. A German older man with good hiking experience.
So we organised a team with a leader and we started a rescue operation.
After a short hike we found the man AND a women serial injured.
The man was hit by the women while she was descending with her mountainbike. He was also drunk after his stay at Zermatt.
The woman was badly injured with lots of broken parts.

It was a great operation because we had to deal also with a lot of environment factors like coldness, darkness, upcoming rain, etc.

It was very learning because we had to work as a team and try to keep the communication going on.

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