Friday, March 16, 2012

Making birch syrop - part 1

Between march and april (before the tree got leaves), the birch trees got the most of sap and sugar. Making birch syrop is very easy and it's not causing problems to the trees. In Canada and Amerika they extract birch sap from a long time.
First of all you need birch trees. Second you need a bottle or jerrycan, a tube and maybe some rope. Beside you need a knife but with a drill is faster and better for the tree.

Make a hole, just 1,5 cm deep. You need to be in the Cambium of the tree. Make a round and nice hole. Place the tube into it and assure yourself that the sap only run through the tube.

Place the bottle. I prefer to put the bottle on the ground. It's easier and quicker. As you see I have made a hole in the cap. If you do so assure yourself to make a small hole as well so that the air can go out.

If you place the bottle in the evening then it will be full in the morning. When you are ready, cut a nice piece of wood slightly bigger then the hole. Make a blunt point and hit it into the hole. Don't use wood from the ground because there is to many bacteries on it and it's dangerous for the tree.

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