Thursday, September 22, 2011

Collecting dry wood and making fire with a match

Collecting dry wood

Foraging dry wood during my childhood holidays in the wonderful National Park of the Abbruzzi in Italy,  was the coolest thing to do. I went hours walking as a 14th year old kid and made a special wooden sled for carrying all the wood. We had always enough wood for a great evening fire.
Looking for fire wood is fun and I still do it with lots of pleasure and in this video I will try to explain that if you take care about a few things you will be more successful by making fire.

Wood lying on the ground in the woods or forests has always a little moisture in it and can be hard to burn or much more difficult for starting a fire with it. Look always for dead wood that is still attached to the tree. If it makes a hard, "dry" sound while breaking and it breaks right off, then you can be sure that's dry.

Making fire with a match (your last one?)

I'll find it very risky and stressful when I have to light a fire with a match! In all the years I've found out that it's not easy at all to light a fire with a match, especially if it is your last one. Wind is a sensitive factor in this scenario and you have to be very careful when lightning a match in windy circumstances.
I prefer my Firesteel above a match that's no doubt and I think the most of survivalists or Bushcrafters.

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