Monday, July 11, 2011

Johnny Hoogerland: a hero!

People like Johnny Hoogerland are an example for many other. I do not even mean the tenacity or the mental strength of Johnny to stand up and sitting back on his bike and finish the Tour stage in time with this terrible woundings on his leg! What really touched me the most is that after the stage, just over the finish line, barely recovered from fright, exhaustion, disappointment and a missed opportunity to win the stage, he has not an ounce of anger and in the interview says that the driver of the car probably couldn't do anything to avoid the accident and did it not by purpose, so it makes no sense to be angry !!!!!!!! 
Respect! To me, people like him I can learn a lot from ...

This is the video of the accident with the dramatic comment of the Dutch television:

This is the video of the jersey inauguration... very emotional and even I had to loss a tear!

This is the video witch I was spoken above. The interview where Johnny told the media that the driver in the car did it not by purpose.

The result of the this accident is 33 stitches all over his leg and butt, but he will not stop and is driven to start tomorrow! We all hope that he will be able not only to finish the Tour but also able to fight for the mountain jersey.

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