Monday, May 24, 2010

Scotland May 2010 - Day 7

 Disaster!!! From 3.00 am to 4.00 am the unexpected happens: rain,rain and rain!
We slept very well but all the stuff was wet. Temperature went under 0 Celsius.
At 4.00 am we also meet the Moutain Rescue Squad that found two walkers that where lost all night around An Terlaich and beyond! This two walkers where yesterday just behind us and we wondered why they started that late. They looked exausted!
We decided to give it a try because the weather forecast was positive with 60% cloudless Cuillin.
Henry, Sherpa, walked down with all the equipment and I started the climb to Sguur Nan Eag. Everything went well just before the ridge and then weather became worser and worser. I reached the summit of Sgur Nan Eag and just below Caisteal a'Gar I had to stop my run because I could not see anything through my wet glasses and the rocks where to slippery for my running shoes!

On our way back to mainland I was happy with my decision because the summits still where not cloudless!
Next time better!

We dryed our sleeping bags on a Bounty like beach in the very hot sun! Thinking about the fact that normally I had to walk on a cold and wet ridge at the moment!

Now we are at Fort William in company of a good pint of local ale!

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  1. Ohohoh, what an adventure... and what a nice beach. Are you gonna try a second time?