Saturday, May 22, 2010

Scotland May 2010 - Day 5

Today we have a day of rest... at least Henry hope so but you never know if you go on holiday with me!
We have slept at a very nice B&B at Sconer on the island of Skye.

After some bacon, sausages, mushrooms, toasts, etc etc, we will head to Portree, a very nice harbour village.
In the evening we will drive just to Glenbrittle to prepare ourselfs for the biggest adventure: The Cuillin Traverse in one day!
Henry will just walk to the first mountain and then he walks back. He's got a big blister and it's to painfull to walk. Yesterday we walked almost the whole Five Sisters ridge but because of the blister he walked back halfaway.

The weather is Scottisch good, so not much of sun but dry and warm!


  1. Well, it is goodto hear that you Siegurd are doing ok. We feel sorry for Henry.....
    Good that you have once in awhile a good breakfast!! Sounds great that breakfast!
    Take care and we hope that the weather stays that nice!! R&R

  2. He, that Henry, he is suffering and enjoying a holiday with you at the same time :-)!
    Save some Isle of Skye for me, you know, when we go next year, and okay be wise and careful walking alone. I know you will of course, let's say then: stay focused and concentrated!!
    Tomorrow it's Pinksteren, byebye.