Thursday, May 13, 2010

Climbing Languedoc - part 2

Three weeks ago I was again in the beautiful Minervois area. We had some work to do in our holiday village. But the sunday we had amazing weather: 35 celsius with a beautiful blue sky... so it's climbing weather!!!

We went this time to the Notre Dame du Cros Gorge where you have hundreds of climbing routes. It was a very nice day and my climbing partner Gijs, who is a starting climber, did very very well! He's got talent!

The first routes we climbed number 17 "Pancho Vila" (6a+) and 18 "Le Cerisier Sec" (6a+) on the Sanctuaire part. Both just op to 25 meters.

The second and last one was a 72 meter long route called "La Demangeat" number 4 and it's rated 5c the first 30 meters and 5b the last 42 meters, but I disagree because the first part was almost running up for me and the second part has twoo very tricky points with overhanging.

It was a great adventure!

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